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Welcome to our transformative Gallup's Strengths Finder Coaching, where we help individuals and teams unlock their potential through the renowned Strengths Finder assessment. Developed by Gallup, this dynamic tool identifies your top strengths from 34 themes, guiding you towards personal and professional success by leveraging your natural talents. Backed by extensive research and standardization, Strengths Finder is a reliable resource for any leader or team seeking improved productivity and organizational success.

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Welcome to Right Path Coaching, where excellence meets global standards through our alignment with the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As an ICF-affiliated coaching practice, we adhere to the highest standards, ensuring a credible and trustworthy coaching experience. The ICF is a dynamic global network, providing diverse perspectives and collaborative opportunities. ICF certified coaches commit to staying at the forefront of coaching practices, offering you the best and most effective coaching tailored to your needs. Rest assured that your transformative journey is supported by an organization known for setting and upholding professional coaching standards.

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We are about... 

Positive Growth

We believe in the transformative power of coaching to create positive growth both on a personal and global scale.

Healthy Leadership 

Healthy leadership is not about the leader - it's about bringing out the best of those being led.  Our aim is to cultivate a leadership culture that values collective discovery over authoritative directives. 

Global Focus

We believe coaching is the future for success in the expanding globalized economy. We emphasize self-awareness as the key to navigating challenges, seizing opportunities, and leading diverse teams with cultural sensitivity.

We are excited about the prospect of collaborating with you, guiding you toward your goals and fostering the growth you seek.

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